​​​​Anderson Ranch GundogsTM

Jodi Anderson

   (Obedience and Puppy Trainer)    


I have been around dogs and training my entire life while growing up & watching/assisting my dad (Todd Anderson). My dad has taught me his training techniques, and I started training on my own in high school. After high school I worked at a veterinary clinic for two years as a technician; I am now back at training dogs on the family ranch. I've trained a variety of dogs; from your average pet to working dogs (pointers, retrievers and cattle dogs).           


                                                                        - Jodi Anderson


Christine (Anderson) Ramos

    (Retriever, Pointer and Shed Trainer)

Todd Anderson

​ (Retriever & Pointer Trainer)

I have been a gun-dog enthusiast since I was in Jr High.  Growing up in Northern MN hunting Grouse, Wood Cock, Sharptail, Hungarian Parterage, Ducks, Geese along the MN/Manitoba border.  Hunting, training & field trialing hunting dogs has been a passion.  To take a young pup and build it into it's full potential is so rewarding. 

I have field trialed Pointers on Horse Back and Foot, Retrievers from AKC Master Titles to Qualifying All Age dogs. We have trained for the public for several years now at Anderson Ranch Gundogs      

                                                                                       - Todd Anderson

"I run with a top gun dog at Anderson Ranch Gundogs"TM