Our Retriever Training Program

Retriever I  (Gundog training - 3 Months)

Geared toward Dove, Duck and Pheasant Hunting.  Ready to go through AKC JR Tests, started toward AKC SR Tests.

Major Emphasis:
​To give the Retriever a foundation on land and water for retrieving and start of control/steady.  With emphasis on marking, obedience, bird and gun work.


Retriever II (Intermediate training - 3 months)

Major Emphasis:
Steady, Doubles, Lining, Hand signals land & water, Cheating singles.


Retriever III (Advance training - 3 months)

Major Emphasis:

Confidence & start of Cold Blinds, Diversions, stretch out marks and more advance set ups and drills. 


Call for more information and availability.

Hunter Beginner Program:  (Retriever I)

4 Months

> Obedience (Here, Sit, Heel)

> Collar Condition

> Condition Retrieve

> Birds & Guns

> Marking

> Water & Land Retrieving

> We use Pigeons and Ducks

> Lead Steady

Additional Month:


(Retriever II) (4 Months)

> Doubles/Triples

> Lining, Hand Signals, Swim Bye

> Confidence Blinds, Cold Blinds

> Diversions

(Retriever III) (4 Months)

Anderson Ranch has a national reputation at producing great trained Retrievers in our Training Program.  Look at our Programs.  Must Reserve Training Spot in Advance. Call us. 

"I run with a top gun dog at Anderson Ranch Gundogs"TM

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