​​​​Anderson Ranch GundogsTM


Our Pointer Training Program

Socialized:  The puppy has been socialized as he/she is raised with the Anderson family and taught manners and good disciplines.  These puppies have a great personality.

Birds:  The pup will be worked on birds, to ensure that he/she is birdy and bring out the prey (bird) drive in the pup.

Gun shot:   The pup will be conditioned to the noise of the gun, starting from a training pistol and working up to various gauges of shotguns.

 Obedience:  We will start them on knowing voice, whistle commands on Here, Whoa, Kennel,  along with the other commands needed in the field.  Includes handling in the field.  

Hunt & find game:  The puppy starter gun-dog he/she will have been started on quartering (turning) the ground looking and finding game.  

Point & hold game:    Along with this the gun-dog will be started on pointing & holding the birds.                  

Retrieve to hand:  He/she will be started on picking up your shot birds and bring back to hand.  We try to get the gun-dogs to naturally retrieve.

More Advance Training:  We will work with the owner to bring his/her gun-dog to the dogs full potential.  
            >  Honoring another dog (backing)
            >  Condition retrieve
            >  Steady to wing & shot (stopping on the scent of birds, flight of birds, shot.
            >  Season your dog at Anderson Ranch.  (Call for details)
            >  All areas of training are further expanded in training as per the finished dog/results we have discussed and agreed upon.

"I run with a top gun dog at Anderson Ranch Gundogs"TM