​​​​Anderson Ranch GundogsTM


Bentley is out of Stormy X Moose

                               litter 2017

Darby is out of Stormy X Moose

                             litter 2017 

Bentley has been a phenomenal dog and loved by many. He has been a wonderful part of the family, very playful and happy.


Darby was 16 months old yesterday – the year has gone by fast & she’s worked hard getting her Obedience, Canine Good Citizen & Hendrick Pet Therapy designations.

We cannot thank you enough for this awesome dog!  We told you we wanted a hunter & one that would also be suited for therapy dog work & you knew exactly which dog would fit our needs.  You are so deserving of the trust we put in you.  She simply could not be any more perfect!  She loves guns & birds – has done good retrieving what few quail he has been able to locate.  When Danny gets his gum in the back yard, she goes into full mode because she knows he is about to kill a squirrell & that really gets her going.  Then to see her in action at the hospital with the patients puts a lump in my throat & mist in my eyes – so gentle, sweet & kind.  People everywhere she goes love & enjoy her, always commenting on how pretty she is & amazed at how well behaved she is!  

She is quite perceptive as well.  A little 4 year old girl who was terrified of dogs was eventually coaxed into coming to Darby who was laying down & the girl got the nerve to gently touch Darby’s nose three times.  Darby never moved a muscle but stuck only the tip of her tongue out & lightly licked the little girl’s fingers.  ICU patients with multiple medical devices & tubes around their faces & unable to talk will reach out & I put here front feet on the bed so they can touch her & she isn’t bothered by or interested in the devices, only stands perfectly still, letting them pet her.   It’s an honor to share her with others & see the blessing she is to them.                               

 She is the biggest ray of sunshine & makes our life so sweet.  Can you tell we are smitten??

 Thank you again…..

 Danny & Dina

"I run with a top gun dog at Anderson Ranch Gundogs"TM