Anderson Ranch Diablo's Storm

​FTW Astraglen Ash X Wildwinds Alacritous Picayune Diablo

​EIC: Clear     CNM: Clear       55 lbs

​OFA Hips: Good,  Elbows: Normal

Our British Labs have all been trained to Upland Quail, Duck, Dove Hunt, and find Shed antlers. They have incredible drive in the field and yet can come in the house and turn it off to be great family dogs. They are a very loyal breed with great personalities.


Anderson Ranch Rockybrook's River

FTCH Rockybrook Lincoln of Glassgreen X Glenanne Jemma

​EIC: Clear      CNM: Clear      55 lbs

​OFA Hips: Good,   Elbows: Normal

Anderson Ranch Defleet's Amber

TTF Workingman's Turf Boy X Workingmangundog's Galant Lady Rachel

​EIC: Clear      CNM: Carrier    45 lbs

​OFA Hips: Good,  Elbows: Normal

Pointer & Retriever Training, Puppies too!

Silversnipe Moose of Anderson Ranch

FTWSilversnipe Jester X Wildwind's Whirlwind of Jasper

​EIC: Clear     CNM: Clear      65 lbs